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Risk Management

Contact Donna Caperton  Donna Caperton (760) 726-2170 ex: 92302 Assistant Superintendant--Business Services
Contact Lorie Guba  Lorie Guba (760) 726-2170 ex: 92302 Admin Sec Confidential

Risk Management

Risk Management reviews and processes the following:

  • Claims against VUSD by Non-Employee
  • Employee Claim Form
  • Property Incident Report
  • Optional Student Accident Insurance
  • Student Accident Report 
  • VUSD Vehicle Accident Report
  • Request for Certificate of Coverage-submit request via email to along with a copy of your insurance requirements

Risk Management maintains all information on Property and Liability, to include inventory and insurance of all VUSD vehicles. 

Injury illness prevention plan 


Optional Student Accident Insurance is available to parents/guardians at a nominal fee.    Click for informational brochures in English and Spanish.


Claim forms are also available in English and Spanish.

Workers Compensation

The California Workers' Compensation Law requires that every employer provide its employees with Workers' Compensation coverage.  This coverage guarantees prompt benefits to employees injured on the job or including a job-related illness.  Benefits

are in the form of medical care, temporary disability benefits, and may include permanent disability awards.  As your employer,

Vista Unified School District wants to insure that you promptly receive all of the benefits to which you are entitled to and assist you in making a speedy recovery and return to work.


For more information, please go to


Risk Management places orders on equipment for employee Workers' Compensation and Reasonable Accommodation requirements after approval form is received from Lillian Parker-Business Services-at or 760-726-2170 ext. 92309.