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2019-2020 Magnet School Application

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Update as of 3/21/19

All magnet schools are closed to additional applications due to reaching capacity in all grade levels EXCEPT

Magnet Notification FAQs

Q: My letter says that my child was not selected and that denials are final.  However, it also says that my child will remain on an “interest list” for the school.  Does this mean my child is on the waiting list?

A: No, unfortunately it does not. All applicants were put into one of three categories: Admitted, Waitlisted, or Denied. Students who are denied are put on an interest list just in case the school has an excessive number of admitted and waitlisted students who change their minds about attending. In reality, we do not expect that this will happen and the parents of students on the interest list should make plans to attend another school in the 2019-2020 school year.

Q: I’ve never heard of students being denied. In past years, weren’t all students placed on a waiting list for a spot if they didn’t get in?

A: This year, we made the decision to be exceedingly transparent with our families and notify parents now if their child had no realistic chance of ever being offered admission due to their very high number draw in the lottery. While we understand this is a very painful time for our families who were not selected in the lottery, we hope that they can process the news, move forward and select a different school in VUSD for their child for next year.

Q: I have two children who applied to the same school. One of my children ended up on the waiting list and the other was denied admission. What happens if my child on the waiting list is admitted in the future?

A: In that case, the brother or sister of the admitted student will gain priority status and their application status will change from denied to waitlisted with priority.

Q: My letter says that my child is on the waiting list in spot number 22. What are her chances of being admitted?

A: While we can make reasonable estimates of how many spots may open up at a particular grade level, we cannot guarantee anything. If you are on the waiting list, the best thing to do is determine a plan for your child if she is not eventually selected from the waiting list.

Q: My letter says that my child is on the waiting list, but no spot number is listed. What are his chances of being admitted?

A: Only students on the waiting list in spot numbers 1 – 30 received an indication of their exact spot. What this means is that your child is in a spot that is number 31 or higher. If you would like to know your exact spot on the list, you may call Student Support Services and we will tell you.

In some cases, a very high number sounds a lot worse than it actually is. For example, based upon past years, Mission Vista High School is able to take a significant number of students on their waiting list for 9th grade. We expect the same will be true this year.

Q: My child was admitted. I completed the Magnet Response Form using the confirmation code I received. I’m nervous that it didn’t go through. Can you verify that you received my response?

A: We are committed to ensuring that every student who received an offer is provided with an opportunity to respond. The magnet response form is working extremely well, and we have already received over 700 confirmed acceptances to our offers of admission. If you were able to make a school selection and click “submit” you can rest assured that your response has been recorded. Additionally, the staff in Student Support Services will call the parents of applicants who do not respond to an offer beginning on March 11. 

Q: My child was admitted, and I tried to complete the Magnet Response Form, but it didn’t seem to work right. What should I do?

A: If you tried to complete the form and it didn’t work, call Student Support Services at (760) 726-2170, ext. 92180.

Q: My child was admitted and I completed the Magnet Response Form, but I think I clicked the wrong selection.  What should I do?

A: We receive daily updates every morning, so please wait until the next school day after 9 a.m. and call Student Support Services at (760) 726-2170, ext. 92180.

Click here to download FAQ's.

Magnet School Application Update

We received a very high number of applications and will be holding individual lotteries for admission at each of the five schools.

The admissions lotteries are scheduled to take place on Tuesday, March 5th and notifications regarding your student’s status will be sent to you by email and US Mail within one week following the lottery.  Please check your email spam/junk mail folders during this time in case the message is filtered by your email provider.

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Thank you for your interest in VUSD magnet schools.  The regular application period closed on February 22.  The late application period will open in the middle of March if spaces are available.

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Vista Unified School District Magnet School Admissions Procedure 2019-2020

It is the goal of the Vista Unified School District to provide an opportunity for interested students to enroll in one of the District’s five magnet schools: Casita Center, Vista Academy, Vista Magnet Middle School, Vista Innovation and Design Academy and Mission Vista High School. Because space is limited in each school, the District strives to provide a clear, fair and balanced admissions procedure. The District’s magnet schools accept students without regard to disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or English Language Learner status. Both District students and students residing outside of the District will be considered for admission.

On January 14, 2019, magnet school offices will begin accepting applications for all students interested in enrollment. The Vista Unified School District Magnet School Common Application (“Magnet Application”) must be completed and submitted  online  by February 22, 2019 in order to be considered for admission for the 2019-20 school year. If, after the admissions deadline and admission, targets are not reached at individual sites, the admissions deadline may be extended. Post-deadline applications will be accepted after the lottery and placed at the bottom of the waitlist in the order they are received. The Magnet Application form will be available online, and online submission by parents/guardians is strongly preferred. A paper-based application will also be available and parents/guardians who complete the paper-based form will be contacted by a VUSD employee who will work directly with them to complete an online application on their behalf.

Students interested in enrollment in a magnet school for the 2019-20 school year must complete a new application. Applications and waitlist numbers from previous years are no longer valid.

Students under expulsion at the time of the lottery are ineligible for magnet school admissions.


Continuing Enrollment
All students currently enrolled in a magnet school are encouraged to continue their attendance.

To guarantee placement at Casita Center, Vista Academy, Vista Magnet Middle School and Vista Innovation and Design Academy, students must return their Participation Agreement Form to their school’s office during the spring as affirmation of their intent to continue their enrollment. If the school does not receive a student’s Participation Agreement by the deadline, the District reserves the right to revoke that student’s enrollment.

To guarantee placement at Mission Vista High School, students must complete the class registration process with their counselors by the spring deadline. If a student does not complete this process by the deadline, the District reserves the right to revoke that student’s enrollment.

If a continuing student fails to comply with the terms of the Participation Agreement during the current year, the school site where they are attending retains the right to revoke the student’s continuing enrollment offer and decline to consider them for future enrollment.

Priority status will be given to students who apply on or before the February 22, 2019 deadline and meet one of the following criteria (documentation may be required):

  • The student has a brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, step-brother, or step-sister living in the same household, who will be attending the magnet school to which the student is applying during the 2019-20 school year;
  • The student’s parent/guardian or step-parent is a “permanent” employee of the District who is NOT in an “at-will”** or “exempt”** position;
  • The student is currently enrolled in the 5th or 8th grade level at another magnet school in the district;
  • Children of active duty military personnel;
  • Foster/Homeless Youth

** “At will” and “exempt” position employees include substitutes, temporary office workers, independent contractors, walk-on coaches, etc.

Each school will conduct their own priority admission at the district office at a time and date chosen by the magnet school principals. After the priority admission, each school will conduct a lottery for the remaining available spaces. Each lottery will be conducted using an electronic method selected by the District. Employees from the District Student Support Services office will oversee the lotteries to ensure compliance with this magnet school admission procedure.

All students who reside in the VUSD attendance boundaries will be assigned to one of three pools based on the middle school attendance area in which they reside. All interdistrict transfer students will be assigned to an Out-of-District Pool. Each pool will be randomly assigned a place in the drawing order (one through four). The student drawing order within each pool will be randomly reassigned.

Students on an interdistrict transfer will be limited to 10% of the lottery. If there are spaces available after the lottery, and all students within the VUSD boundaries are accepted, then students on interdistrict transfers may be accepted above the 10% limitation.

NOTE: The VUSD School Board reserves the right to adjust the percentage of interdistrict transfer students who are accepted to magnet schools through the lottery process.

Students will be admitted in the order they are drawn from the lottery until all available spaces for that school and grade level are filled. Any remaining students will be placed on a waitlist for their school and grade, in lottery order.

For the 2019-20 school year, all school lotteries will take place the week of February 25, 2019.

At the end of the lottery, the VUSD Student Support Services office will notify students (via mail, email and/or phone call) of any offer of admission or their placement on the school’s waitlist.

After the District extends an offer of admission to a student, the student may accept the offer by filling out a Participation Agreement Form. This form must be completed and submitted within three (3) working days of the notification of acceptance. If a student receives more than one offer, s/he may only accept one offer on the Participation Agreement Form; once one magnet school offer is accepted, all other magnet school admission offers to that student will automatically be rescinded. If a student does not complete and submit a Participation Agreement Form by the specified deadline, the offer of admission will automatically be rescinded.

After the lottery for acceptance is held, all applicants will be notified of their status (accepted or wait-listed) by email or phone call. Those students who are accepted and currently attend a VUSD school will be automatically enrolled at MVHS for the following school year. All incoming students must complete the Participation Agreement form, which must be received by MVHS within three (3) working days of the offer of admission. In addition, students who are not currently attending a VUSD school will have exactly three (3) weeks from the date of notice to submit all required paperwork (as specified in the letter they receive) to MVHS in order to secure their enrollment. Out of district students who are accepted, but whose parents fail to submit the required paperwork within this three week period will automatically (and without additional notice) have their acceptance to MVHS revoked. Their student’s space will be released to a student on the waitlist. In the event that a parent is unable to submit paperwork within the three-week time period (e.g., the family currently resides outside of the local area), the parent may petition MVHS for an extension of the deadline to submit paperwork. Petitions for extensions will be granted for good cause and must be submitted to MVHS before the end of the three-week period.

For students who are offered admission in July and August, MVHS is unable to guarantee course availability. In some cases, it may be impossible for a late-accepted student to enroll due to a lack of space in required grade-level classes. In these cases, a student’s acceptance may be revoked due to lack of space.

After all of the available spaces are filled, a waitlist for each school and grade level will be created from the initial lottery. As spaces become available, students will only be admitted from the waitlist, in the order they are assigned on the list. Once a space becomes available, staff from the magnet school will contact students (via email and/or phone call) with an offer of admission. Students admitted from the waitlist will have two (2) working days to accept an offer of admission by filling out and returning a Participation Agreement Form. The Participation Agreement Form must be received by the magnet school site where the student is enrolling by the deadline. Postmark will not be accepted.

Applications will continue to be accepted after the February 22, 2019 deadline. Students will be placed at the bottom of the existing waitlist. Should an applicant meet one of the priority criteria, they will be given priority on the waitlist.

On October 1, 2019, the admissions period will close* and the waitlist will be terminated. Mission Vista High School will not offer admission after the 10th day of the school year.

*Any admission of a student after October 1, 2019 will be at the discretion of the VUSD Student Support Services Department.

Click here to download the Vista Unified School District Magnet School Admissions Procedure 2019-2020.

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Magnet Schools

Casita Center for Technology,Science & Math
260 Cedar Road
Vista CA 92083
Vista Academy of Visual & Performing Arts
600 N. Santa Fe Avenue
Vista CA 92083
Vista Innovation & Design Academy
740 Olive Avenue
Vista CA 92083
Vista Magnet Middle School
of Technology, Science and Math
151 Civic Center Drive
Vista CA 92084
Mission Vista High School
1306 Melrose Drive
Oceanside,  CA 92057


Elementary Kindergarten & TK Registration Process and Magnet School Information