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January 15, 2015 Elementary Boundary Committee Meeting


Business Services

Elementary Boundary Committee / Meeting Agenda 

Date:              January 15, 2015

Time:               5 - 7 p.m.

Location:        District Office Board Room

Key Commitments: Responsiveness *  Guidance  *  Support  *  Resolution

Purpose of Committee:  District needs to realign boundaries to balance student populations and to accommodate growth in the future with minimal disruptions to families.

Facilitators:  Barry Dragon, Eric Hall & Associates; Demographers:  Greg Davis DDP

Review of Group Norms

Barry Dragon

5:00 Review of Group Norms as discussed at last meeting
Review of Evaluation Criteria as discussed at January 8, 2014 Meeting Barry Dragon 5:05

Barry Dragon to review Notes from January 8, 2015 Meeting and amend as necessary

Development and finalization of Boundary Scenario Evaluation Tool All 5:15 Barry Dragon to lead the discussion on developing and finalizing an evaluation tool allowing the group to objectively assess various boundary scenarios.  This will include a discussion of which criteria may have a higher priority than others for purposes of “weighting” the criteria
Boundary Scenarios Presentation Greg Davis 5:40

Greg Davis will present a number of discussion scenarios as a starting point for the Committee.

Next Steps Barry Dragon 6:50 Barry Dragon to lead a discussion of expectations for next meeting.  Greg Davis will use the period between this meeting and next to synthesize/react to/develop new scenarios based upon the Committee’s input

Next Meeting: January 29
5:00 to 7:00 pm

(District Office Board Room, 1234 Arcadia Ave)





Meeting Handout

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