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Hannalei Elementary School


Hannalei is a school full of aloha spirit that focuses on reading, health and wellness. Students there are challenged to read every day, with each child participating in the Accelerated Reading program, which gives them weekly points and recognition for meeting personal goals. School staff worked with the district’s Child Nutrition Services department to provide healthy meals and have created wellness activities for families. Each class runs, walks or jogs daily, working their way toward a goal of going 26 miles by June. The Parent-Teacher Association there has also helped motivate students to stay healthy by organizing a jog-a-thon.

Hannalei opened in 2003 in the unincorporated area just east of Vista. Enrollment there has grown from about 400 a decade ago to roughly 700 now. In that time, the school has had four principal and the district three superintendents.

“It is not typical for a school to experience so many changes and still continue to preserve the family feel, the love, the learning and the dedication to all,” Principal Tracy Zachry said. “Hannalei is that school.”



120 Hannalei Drive Vista, CA 92083

(760) 631-6248