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How to move docs from to

Students and staff can move documents easily by sharing the documents with their account.  Once shared with the you can make a copy of the document.  You can also download all files from the old account and upload to the new account as shown in this video.
google image.jpg Information will not be used next school year (13-14).  You can move your documents to your new account by following the information posted on this website.  New student accounts will be created during the Summer and login information will be provided to students.  


Please click here to log into



On July 15th the IT Department will begin the process of moving your old email, calendar, and contacts to your new gmail account. 


Please click here to log into your new account.  You only need to enter your firstnamelastname on this link. The has been entered for you. If you go directly to, you will need to enter your full email address to log in.