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Measurement and Monitoring

Innovation Department

Formative Assessment in Vista Unified


A Commitment to Transparency

The Vista Unified School District honors its commitment to transparency. The department of Measurement and Monitoring is dedicated to keeping the students, parents, teachers, and the community aware of progress and growth of VUSD. This webpage and the links contained within provide a wealth of knowledge about Vista Unified. 

measuring and monitoring

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Contact Us

Steve Davis Lead Data Visualization and Interpretation

Phone: 760.727.2170 Ext 80123


Jenny Peirson Lead for Formative Assessment and Performance Framework

Phone: 760.727.2170

CAASPP Interim Assessment Blocks

Interested in learning how to leverage the Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs) as an instructional and assessment tool? Contact us to learn more! 


Lead: Jenny Peirson


Phone: 760-726-2170 ext 92010


Interim Assessment Block (IABs) Comprehensive Learning