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Innovation Department


"Innovation is the calling card of the future." Anna Eshoo



The Innovation Department is charged with promoting a future-forward mindset for students, teachers and staff so that we can collectively create the conditions necessary for learning environments and pathways that prepare students to be confident and prepared to make positive contributions in an increasingly complex world of higher education and careers. 

To this end, our focus as a department is on expanding academic and social/emotional outcomes for students at the earliest ages, engaging students as stewards of their learning pathway and making relevant, hands-on connections to the real world of work. 




Department Lead: Matt Doyle Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent of Innovation


Phone: 760-726-2170 ext. 92006

P-3 Continuum

Vista Unified's Prenatal to 3rd Grade Continuum aims to close the achievement gap before it opens.  We are committed to quality early education and a continuous learning path that unites families, teacher leaders, school leaders, and community partners.  


Lead: Matt Doyle, Ed.D. 


Phone: 760-726-2170 ext. 92006


More Details: P-3 Continuum Website

Personalized Learning

Vista Unified's Personal Learning Path is a student-centered collaborative journey aligned to core curriculum standards.  It builds on each student's strengths, interests, and values.  


Personal Learning takes place in a flexible environment, with a 2-way feedback cycle to maximize student's academic achievement, behavioral growth, and drive to become stewards of their own learning.


Lead: Matt Doyle, Ed.D. 


Phone: 760-726-2170 ext. 92006

More Details: Personalized Learning Web Page

Talent Cities and Service Learning

Talent Cities is a partnership between Vista Unified School District, New Learning Ventures, the Vista Chamber of Commerce, and local businesses to expand young people's vision of themselves in the world of work.  This program brings middle school students into the workplace.  Allowing students to speak to employers and employees and see for themselves what it takes to be successful.  More than a field trip, students engage in self-exploration activities and assessments, research priority sectors, and develop the background knowledge to make the most of the experience. In exchange, local business gets a voice on what young people are learning and experiencing, as well as valuable analytics about their future talent pool.


Lead: Robert Crowell


Phone: 760-726-2170 ext. 92009


More Details:  Talent Cities Web Page    Service Learning Web Page

Family and Community Engagement

undefinedFamily and Community as Partners in Education:


An important component of the Blueprint for Educational Excellence and Innovation is to develop a Family Engagement Network that will offer a variety of workshops, resources and activities designed to assist parents and family members play an active role in their students' education. 


Lead: Kiki Bispo


Phone: 760-726-2170 ext. 92011


More Details: Family and Community Engagement Parent Web Page

Family and Community Engagement Team Web Page

Measurement and Monitoring


Lead: Steven Davis


Phone: 760-726-2170 ext. 80123



More Details: Measurement and Monitoring Web Page 

Assessment for Learning

Assessment for learning has been highlighted in all content area frameworks in California as a high priority.  Vista Unified has identified formative assessment practices as integral to a balanced assessment system and inseparable from teachers' pedagogical practice. Formative assessment practices support self-regulation, 21st-century skills and personalized learning for students. Our efforts in Vista Unified are centered around continuous support and professional learning to build assessment literacy within our valued educators. 


Information and resources may be accessed below. 


Lead: Jenny Peirson


Phone: 760-726-2170 ext. 92010


More Details: Assessment for Learning Webpage

Performance Framework

The vision for the Vista Unified School District Performance Framework is to improve the quality and coherence of children's learning from preschool through high school graduation. The comprehensive Performance Framework has potential to improve student outcomes, prevent and close achievement gaps, promote effective instruction, build instructional coherence and support ongoing progress monitoring. 



Information on the goals, development process and work in progress may be accessed below. 


Lead: Jenny Peirson


Phone: 760-726-2170 ext. 92010


More Details: Performance Framework Webpage


Blended and Online Resource Teachers


As modern learning specialists, the Blended and Online Resource Teachers (BOLTS) serve as thought partners and internal consultants on personal learning, pedagogy, and technology integration.



Lead: Victoria Curtis


Phone: 760-726-2170 ext. 92017




More Details: Blended and Online Resource Teacher Web Page

Magnet schools

  Magnet schools are visionary, innovative and are free and open to anyone. Due to high    demand, most schools determine student acceptance by a lottery system. The idea of      magnet schools began in 1971, and in 1975, the term "magnet" had caught on so well      in four short years the federal government was using the term. Today, magnet schools    have emerged as educational beacons in communities, incorporating themed                    curricula, hands-on experiential learning, and a diverse tapestry of students and                academic requirements that often exceed those of the school district of state.


Mission: Promotion of magnet school programs with equitable access for all students.

Lead: Matt Doyle, Ed.D. 


Phone: 760-726-2170 ext. 92006

More Details: Magnet School Steering Committee Web Page