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(760) 726-2170 xt 92500

Contact Penny Capra  Penny Capra (760) 726-2170 ex: 92502 Staff Secretary II
Contact DeWayne Cossey  DeWayne Cossey (760) 726-2170 ex: 92501 Director of Information Technology

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Information Technology & Print Services Staff Directory
Contact Jason Beckwith  Jason Beckwith (760) 726-2170 ex: 92650 Offset Equip. Operator
Contact Christopher Bisson  Christopher Bisson (760) 726-2170 ex: 92515 Lead Systems Support Technician
Contact Daniel Block  Daniel Block Service Desk Technician
Contact Dan Brown  Dan Brown Technology Resource TOSA
Contact Philip Carpenter  Philip Carpenter (760) 726-2170 ex: 92505 Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer
Contact Joe Chambers  Joe Chambers Systems Support Technician
Contact Lupe Coons  Lupe Coons Information Systems Support Specialist
Contact Syntha Cortes  Syntha Cortes School Site Data Coordinator
Contact Wayne Davis  Wayne Davis ex: 92652 Offset Equip. Operator
Contact Mary Dineen  Mary Dineen (760) 726-2170 ex: 92651 Record Technician
Contact Israel Florence  Israel Florence (760) 726-2170 ex: 92509 Systems Support Technician
Contact Tanya Herrera  Tanya Herrera (760) 726-2170 ex: 92130 Instructional Media Support Training Specialist
Contact Scott Lu  Scott Lu (760) 726-2170 ex: 92503 Network Analyst
Contact Bob May  Bob May (760) 726-2170 ex: 92504 Network Analyst
Contact Steven Pak  Steven Pak Service Desk Technician
Contact Kristen Perkins  Kristen Perkins (760) 726-2170 ex: 92508 Information Systems Support Specialist
Contact Allan Rivera  Allan Rivera Systems Support Technician
Contact Sebastian Rossi  Sebastian Rossi (760) 726-2170 ex: 92516 Systems Support Technician
Contact Marc Schiller  Marc Schiller (760) 726-2170 ex: 92511 Systems Support Technician
Contact Marc Schroeder  Marc Schroeder Technology Resource TOSA
Contact Brian Schwerdtfeger  Brian Schwerdtfeger (760) 726-2170 ex: 92514 Network Analyst
Contact Phillip Shelden  Phillip Shelden (760) 726-2170 ex: 92512 Systems Support Technician
Contact Mark Webb  Mark Webb Telecommunications Specialist